Slow down.


I had coffee with an Ethiopian student from the School of Nursing the other day and I asked him what he missed about his home culture. His response was simply, “time.” I understood fully. He went on to explain that when he was living in Ethiopia he could stop and have coffee and chat with a friend for an hour in the middle of the day. I experienced the same while I was there. Even though I had a ton of work to accomplish, I still had time… time to think, time to talk, time to sit. In my first week back from Ethiopia, I sensed myself wanting to jump back into the rat race of life here, and I have been trying to resist every since. This quarter I have had rural health rotations, which has made life a bit busy with the weekly 9 hours of driving. On the up side I have cozied up to some great podcasts. Right now I’m sitting in a cabin in Winthrop, WA by myself. I don’t spend much time by myself. Sometimes I’m alone at home, but there is always a checklist of things to do while I’m there. Rarely, if ever do I just stop. I could have driven home tonight, but I decided to live into the value of slowing down, so I’m spending the evening alone in the woods. When I first arrived it felt a little awkward. I’m used to Ben putting the music on and then together figuring out what the evening will look like. Tonight it’s just me. I eventually settled into the space quite nicely. The crackling fire is doing a fine job of keeping me company. I know my life won’t always afford me the space to embrace being alone, but I’d like to try and take the moment’s when they come.


One thought on “Slow down.

  1. Love this Em. I am doing my rotations in Wenatchee and Omak this quarter and am continuously frustrated and elated at the same time. Frustrated with the driving, being away from John, etc., but it has forced me to spend a lot of time thinking, reflecting, reading… I was up at Sun Mountain Lodge for a cancer survivor workshop recently as part of my rotation. I stayed in an unbelievably gorgeous room overlooking the mountains with a fireplace and everything. I kept thinking that it was strange to be there by myself, but found so much peace in having that quiet time. So happy you are enjoying your quarter.

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