Slow down.


I had coffee with an Ethiopian student from the School of Nursing the other day and I asked him what he missed about his home culture. His response was simply, “time.” I understood fully. He went on to explain that when he was living in Ethiopia he could stop and have coffee and chat with a friend for an hour in the middle of the day. I experienced the same while I was there. Even though I had a ton of work to accomplish, I still had time… time to think, time to talk, time to sit. In my first week back from Ethiopia, I sensed myself wanting to jump back into the rat race of life here, and I have been trying to resist every since. This quarter I have had rural health rotations, which has made life a bit busy with the weekly 9 hours of driving. On the up side I have cozied up to some great podcasts. Right now I’m sitting in a cabin in Winthrop, WA by myself. I don’t spend much time by myself. Sometimes I’m alone at home, but there is always a checklist of things to do while I’m there. Rarely, if ever do I just stop. I could have driven home tonight, but I decided to live into the value of slowing down, so I’m spending the evening alone in the woods. When I first arrived it felt a little awkward. I’m used to Ben putting the music on and then together figuring out what the evening will look like. Tonight it’s just me. I eventually settled into the space quite nicely. The crackling fire is doing a fine job of keeping me company. I know my life won’t always afford me the space to embrace being alone, but I’d like to try and take the moment’s when they come.